Solar Energy - the more affordable and cleaner energy option.


We make the process simple.

Step 1.  Call us and we'll take a look at your roof and your power needs. We'll ask you a few questions, no fuss and no cost. Then we will show you your savings and the pros and cons of buying outright, financing, or leasing.

Step 2.  We take care of all permits and inspections, using our own professional, certified installers to put a great looking solar array on your roof.

Step 3.  Your electricity keeps flowing like always only it's cleaner and costs you less.  


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Solar energy saves resources, is more affordable than ever, and shows the community that you care.

We have now reached the point where the cost of solar energy is actually less than conventional energy, and the deal keeps getting better as the electric company is increasing their rates often over 10% a year!  Solar is at historically low price and a 30% Federal tax credit helps with the cost, as does Cromwell's exclusive lease and financing options developed with a local bank, Mid-America Bank.

An outright purchase of solar for a home often has a payback of about 8-12 years, a good return on your investment.  Home appraisers often value solar at or above the cost to install it, this is extremely rare in a home improvement.  Additionally, other home improvements lose value over time while the value of the energy produced by solar actually increases every year.

This large residential solar system spans three roof sections.

This large residential solar system spans three roof sections.


Leasing or financing options allow you an option to buy solar the way you buy conventional power, one month at a time. The difference is that with solar you make payments towards owning it (the power company won't give you their plant no matter how long you pay your bills).  With our exclusive "zero hassle" Kansas lease you save money from day one.  There is no down-payment or installation cost at all and your lease payments are less than what you save in electricity costs.  This means the payback is instantaneous. You are already paying for electricity, why not buy clean, solar energy instead?


 Call and ask us about our leasing program and other financing options to help overcome the initial cost barrier. 


Installing solar power on your Missouri or Kansas home is easy. We handle permits, your utility, and everything else.  We have options for going totally off grid, having some battery or generator backup, or staying connected to the grid.  Our grid-tied photovoltaic (solar) systems take advantage of the fact that, due to net-metering and other laws in both Kansas and Missouri, the utility is required to buy back any excess power you produce. Our modern solar projects require no routine maintenance and will last 40+ years.



Rebates are high and costs are low. Installing now ensures you will be receiving the best money saving opportunities ever offered for solar energy in Missouri or Kansas.

Contact Cromwell Solar today for more information about utilizing the power of the sun for your home; our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Contact us for your free consultation.

A 30-panel home solar array.

A 30-panel home solar array.


Why Cromwell?

As the largest and oldest solar installation firm in the region we have the experience, personnel, and knowledge to handle your project from accurate design through installation.  Cromwell Environmental offers design and installation of residential, farm, and commercial solar systems throughout Missouri and Kansas. Our staff of highly trained, NABCEP certified engineers offers a level of unrivaled expertise. Since 1982, Cromwell Solar has been a leader in the solar industry, with a distinguished history and a bright future. In 2018 Cromwell Solar set new records installing solar on over 1200 Fort Riley rooftops totaling more than 10.5 MW of solar (that project doubled the amount of solar in the state of Kansas).



Our design process is rooted in solar science & engineering and informed by a deep understanding of the mathematics of the financial payback.  We can handle problem roofs and sites and have unique capabilities to generate custom engineered solutions when needed.  No room on the roof? We have ground mounts and car-port mounted options.

We understand not just solar production day-by-day, and how that equates to your day-by-day energy needs, and available solar incentives but what exactly that means for your payback.  Without our complex mathematical modeling the system sizing may not be right or the payback given might be wrong.  Our process is uniquely thorough and analytical because we understand that proper system sizing has an enormous effect on system payback and customer satisfaction.  Too much solar or the improper connection type and you can end up giving away some of the energy you are producing.  Too little and you miss out on potential energy savings for decades.  Our proprietary modeling software and know-how ensure the perfect system size and an accurate, realistic prediction of your energy savings.

Carport and ground-mounted solar options are available.

Carport and ground-mounted solar options are available.


Utility and Permitting

Every year we install about a hundred different systems in over thirty different jurisdictions a year.  We do a lot of solar advocacy and education work in our region, and we know the regulations; in fact we have written or advocated for many of the rules on the books.  This helps us ensure that your system will comply with local regulations, and that you will get the most financial benefit from it. At Cromwell we hold construction and electrical licences ourselves allowing us to work from residential to high-rise commercial projects ourselves.

Often our systems are blazing the way as the first solar (or large commercial solar) installed in a town or utility; in these cases our expertise in solar law is critical, without it the system may not get allowed.  We have an amazing track record of success and work with the jurisdictions to establish good local rules on solar interconnection that will benefit everyone.   We have such a great reputation with code officials and utilities for our quality work and ease to work with that we often get referrals from them.  A good working relationship with building officials and utilities helps our projects run smoothly.


Equipment and Installation

Cromwell Solar has more certified installers than any other firm, has experience installing since 1982, and performs about a hundred new installs a year.  

Our systems are installed for decades of trouble-free performance using only top "tier-one" solar equipment from companies that, like Cromwell, will be around to honor their warranties decades from now.   We are not beholden to just one brand or type of solar, we use the appropriate equipment for each project. We know when to use different types of inverters (micro-inverters, string inverters, DC optimizers) and panels (60 cell, 72 cell, power dense, bi-facial) and can show you the benefits of all of them.   

Cromwell Solar has more certified installers than any other firm in the area.

Cromwell Solar has more certified installers than any other firm in the area.


Our crews are professional and the best trained in the region.  We spend hours a week educating our crews and work with all of them towards getting certification in solar installation and AC electrical work .  Our customer service includes an office with a staff full of professionals that update all of our clients on a weekly basis, and installers who love their work and treat your project with the respect it deserves.  

With Cromwell we handle permits, utility connections, and everything else to make the entire process from initial contact and design, through installation and commissioning as easy as possible for you.


Other Energy Services

Cromwell Solar can provide full energy audits including HERS ratings for homes and businesses.  

Cromwell Solar can provide full energy audits including HERS ratings for homes and businesses.  


Besides Solar, the experts at Cromwell can provide other energy solutions for your business or farm.  We perform:


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